Camping with kids, pack low expectations

Hubby and I love to camp, and when I say camping we mean with a tent. This is the stage we are at and we like it. Some day we plan on getting a trailer but for now a tent is what works for us. Camping with kids is a different scenario and has very different guidelines. Actually no guidelines really, it is completely making it up as you go. Our fist rule was to take it as it comes with no expectations. This was important to tell each other constantly.

Beautiful sunset, beautiful beaches

We planned a three day camping trip which means you need about a month to prepare and pack. We started our lists immediately. For us we packed in about an hour, we know what we need for any weather event and activities that may occur. Our Littles on the other hand need clothes for all weather and activities. As well as ones that are resistant to mustard stains, any diaper blowouts, tree sap and melted marshmallow.

We had an early positive start to our day and left only 40 minutes later than we thought we would. Drove through patches of rain and quite a bit of cloud cover, which is disheartening when your about to pitch a tent. We arrived in great time to our camping destination and met up with our camp cohorts (family). As we entered our site the clouds drew back and the sun came out, mother nature was happy to see us.
Thank goodness we had a welcome committee, and people we trusted to hold our little’s as we unpacked what looked and felt like the entire contents of our house. We pitched our tent, an easy one person set up and even easier with two. We love this tent, it is roomy yet not too large. Added bonus we can stand up in it and still have extra clearance. We are both over 6 feet tall and this is a luxury to us. It has more than enough room for our queen air mattresses, two adults, two little’s, a large dog and all our clothing, with some walking room to spare. it even has a room divide for when the little’s are older and don’t want to look at us.

Set up and ready for the day. We walk down to the beach to check things our and little C walks right into the water in pure excitement and splashes in joy. First outfit soaked, continue play in wet clothes, someone has just fallen in love with sand and waves. Who wouldn’t, it is so relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating to have hot sand on your toes and waves lapping towards you in an invite to dip in.

Slave Lakes sandy beaches

Waking up early to make breakfast over the fire and sip on coffee before heading to the beach is a great way to start a day. We purchased a sun shelter for this trip, a necessity for little’s and a pale skinned ginger.

It was another quick set up and provided shelter for myself and baby in a camp chair as well as hubby and little C playing in the sand, it even has an enclosure feature if I needed to nurse or change. We see lots of future use with this even just in our front yard or a picnic in the park.
We went camping knowing that nothing could or would go according to any plan. This is the only way to prepare with little ones, as they usually call the shots and we adapt best we can. Case in point, little C decided on our last night camping that sleep after 2 am was not necessary. It was way more fun to roll around in this pillowed playhouse we had set up. Needless to say there were some tired beings in the morning. The entire trip is trial and error figuring out what works what doesn’t and moments wondering why you ever left the conveniences of your house including running water. Seriously though it was an amazing adventure, and we can’t wait to get out there again.
What camping must have’s are on your list? Camping advice for parents?