Let’s Begin

This is the start of something amazing! Maybe…..

My creative mind has a tough time with technology, great start for a newbie blogger. That is ok, I am ready to try new things and stumble along the way, hopefully with grace and pizazz

Life is full of adventure, trials and errors. I want to share, explore, vent, create and process them all. I also like to whip up a batch of cookies so I’ll share those too.

My mind needs creativity like lungs need air, I was and am an interior decorator and visual merchandiser, but my current role in life is a loving and proud mother and wife. It is the most challenging, stressful, rewarding, under appreciated job I have ever had and I love it! There is no where I would rather be even on days of unwashed hair, unidentifiable stickiness and the overwhelming urge to just sit down and cry. Oh and the pay cut is super disappointing, I complain to management and keep getting a ‘under review’ response.

So to add to my chaos I decided I need to write and share my experiences as I navigate through motherhood and life in general. It makes me feel connected to the world and allows me to use more than single syllable words and sentences that don’t have to rhyme. I want my experiences to enlighten you, or at least make you laugh at the craziness that is this gingered life