This is Me!

The mother of two wonderful babes, a proud wife and a ginger with a sarcastic view on life. Dry humour and the voice over commentary in my head helps me navigate through life. Triple chocolate anything and a large coffee also help.

I love to create, design, decorate, bake, garden, organize, write and get lost in my imagination. My mind is constantly churning out ideas and creations.I love the simplicity of our country lifestyle along with its challenges and surprises, we love adventures, discovering the mountains and camping

Living in Alberta makes me feel like we have the best of all worlds, a few hours from the Rockies¬†tonnes of great camping, hikes and things to discover¬†and 20 mins from Edmonton and all its festivals, concerts, shopping and all its amenities.Quiet nights in with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie make my soul happy. Yes despite common belief I do have a soul, but don’t upset me or I’ll take yours….. We live a simple life full of sticky fingers, dog hair, toddler chaos and love

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