Autumn Decor and Thanksgiving

I love decorating my home and celebrating autumn and thanksgiving. It is the perfect color tones for me, coppers, browns, deep earthy greens and yellows. It is a time to cozy up your home and create that settle in and relax mood. I honestly get so excited I don’t know where to start.

I have a pillow and blanket problem. There are so many in our house and I have a really hard time not inviting new ones to come live with us. I have bins of decor pillows that I switch out each season. I find it such a quick way to change the feel of the room. Leaves must be celebrated in autumn and I think the following pillow does it well. Simple but full of rich color and easy to cozy up with on your favorite chair.

With every pillow there should be a blanket, you can’t cozy without a warm blanket to drape over yourself. I like them folded neatly over the back of a chair. I also have a blanket ladder that displays all the ones that don’t fit on the chairs and sofa. I have way more blankets than chairs in the living room, that’s how much I love blankets. Besides who doesn’t love cozy blankets! I can never decide on a favorite but I do like this combo!

You can create your own combo with these ones!

Candles are my next big room changing trick. It is amazing how much candles add to a room. I love to have an assortment of them, sizes, colors, scents and finishes. I love how much it transforms the room to switch out my summer candles for my fall ones. I like to create little clusters, like the one pictured below.

grouping of fall candles
fall candle collection

To me autumn is about making your home cozy and lush with warmth. Hearty and welcoming with hot cooked meals and breads, red wines and apple desserts. It is a ‘coming home’ feeling, getting routines back in order and setting the home stage for cooler nights and long shadowed sunsets. I love autumn so much, it brings my heart peace. To me a house should always be an ‘ah’ space but even more so as the temperature drops and we retreat indoors, now is the time to create your cocoon space.
Do you adore autumn?
How do you change up your home to welcome autumn in?