Food (LoveA) Fare

I love food samples, the market is excellent for this, I do like to try different things and I like to take some home as well. It can be hard to narrow down what to get. It is also hard not to just buy our favorites.

This week we decided to take home, honey cake. This delicious multi layer masterpiece is so good, light and not too sweet, you don’t need a huge slice to feel satisfied. Yet if I didn’t have to share I could have easily eaten the entire piece in one sitting without guilt.

Local made wine! Okay! This new bonus of being able to sample wines at the farmers market is wonderful, these ones were divine. My hubby who likes a glass of wine now and then, was happy to try several types before settling on this bottle from Spirit Hills for us to enjoy at home together.

The food trucks were there to tempt us and of course we must partake. I was very reluctant to try shawarma…… Boy am I glad I did, I LOVE it! Dedo’s Food Truck is awesome! I did take a picture check it out here on Instagram.

OOps I almost forgot we caved and got green onion cakes, ate on site…so good. They do have ones you can take home to cook whenever you want. We do that often, but couldn’t resist a taste as we walked past.

Do you have favorite food finds? Are you a sample junkie?

I wonder what foods we will find next time to try……