Kilts Cabers and a Time Travel Park

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We heard about the upcoming Celtic Celebration at Fort Edmonton Park and we marked it on our calendar and anxiously awaited the date.
Hubby and I are both of a Celtic decent, I am Scottish and proud of my pale skin and rich red hair. He is Irish and proud of all things associated with that, potatoes, pubs and more potatoes. As you can guess it leads for some interesting teasing in our house as to which is the superior background.

celtic celebtration
Kilts Everywhere

When we decided to attend the Celtic Celebration we had no idea that this outdoor event would happen during the hottest weekend (so far) of the summer. This is a dangerous event to hold outdoors for all us fair skinned gingers, they should have provided tubs of sunscreen beside every water fountain. It is not easy to manage this beautiful porcelain skin when the UV index gets so high. Also in my personal experience heat quickens the frustration trigger on a ginger. So basically this ‘celebration’ has the potential to quickly escalate into something far from celebration mode.

Let the games begin!

The actual heavy games, not just the adventure of us attending and tromping through the realistic time period streets of Fort Edmonton Park. The heavy games are something to see, the equipment which I couldn’t even imagine trying to move in any capacity is picked up and thrown by these athletes! The caber toss is my favorite, there is just something about watching a person pick up a telephone pole and launch it with the intent to flip it. I was sitting eating a beef sandwich with a side of fries as they preformed these feats, and in kilts! They were in kilts not me, but I am not opposed to wearing one, perhaps with a cute pair of boots and a nice big knit scarf.

steam train
1919 steam train

Journey through time

We boarded a 1919 steam engine to start our transport back in time. We then walked through the era of 1846 while a drumming band was preforming, with the sounds echoing off the walls of the fort we had opportunities to learn about bead work and sewing and how they made fur hats. Working our way into 1885 and poked our head into the saloon before being summoned by a ‘member’ of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to participate in the burly man competition. A rest stop and snack break had us surrounded by pipping bands, drums, a lot of kilts, accents and pale skin. We then entered into 1905 where the changes in technology were definitely noticed. We tried haggis for the first time, served on bannock, as we listened to the bell on the streetcar going by. The streets of 1920 were our last stop and we stopped in at the mercantile stores and then checked out the marquee at the theater before passing by the authentic midway of rides and games.

Fort Edmonton Park
Fort Edmonton Park

All these elements mixed together made such a wonderful day full of so much history and culture. Hubby exclaimed there was more Scottish events represented than Irish, but I reminded him of the potato eating contest and the small quaint pubs in several of the historic eras. I would say both sides covered.

It was an incredible day filled with more than we could take in. The fully operational movie theater, and historic Selkirk hotel as well as numerous places to eat. We look forward to returning again soon to see what other adventures await in this living history museum.

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    1. It was a great day! We love these types of day adventures and discovering adventures close to home. Stay tuned for more!

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