Summer finally arrived, along with extra everything

summer sun on old barn in golden field

I feel like summer crept up on me, waiting for it for so long I was wishfully thinking of how I would spend it and now its here and I haven’t caught up. It seems like just the other day I was reveling in the joy of being able to smell dirt in the spring thaw. Anticipating all the wonderful outdoor, short sleeve and sandal days ahead. Trees were showing slight signs of budding green and the excitement of hearing the geese return and the sweet sound of robins singing. Now I look outside and I see over grown grass, trees that have more branches and leaves than the trunks can support, weeds choking out what are suppose to be my flower gardens and the left over remnants of what we didn’t get a chance to clean up in the fall.

Ahh summer, you have arrived and sucker punched me in the gut. As I lay wheezing in recovery I am swarmed by blood thirsty mosquitoes that have recently hatched and need energy. These flying vampires come by the thousands in the country side and I laugh when people in cities complain about mosquitoes. I once thought someone had left a tractor running only to look up and realize it was a swarm of mosquitoes waiting to descend upon us.

We all love the summer months, longer days filled with barbecues, patios, bugs, weeds, grass trimming, double the household work load and twice the activities to attend to. The yard needs attention every week, no matter if it is rainy or sunny. We want to have people over when it is sunny, serve cold drinks, grill something and have a good time. This is a great idea but only after the lawn has been mowed, dog poop picked up, wasp nests removed, patio furniture washed and cleaned, deck swept, weeds extracted and overall yard looking like a page out of a magazine. Now that is just outside, what if these guests want to use the bathroom?

If it rains we whine about not being able to get out to experience the joy and frustration of all above mentioned. Moping inside we silently worry about how much the vegetation will overtake once the sun does return. Calculating the number of puddles forming and how many mosquitoes can hatch out of each puddle and we start to go squirrely trapped inside with toddlers and limited episodes of peppa pig.

Yes the joys of summer are upon me and maybe it feels like it snuck up on me because life is a whirlwind most days. I actually don’t even know what day of the week it is most of the time. I am excited for the adventures before us hopefully some of them involve air conditioning or at least a slight breeze. Bring on summertime